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The benefits of Battery Storage

  • Use more of your own electricity
  • Save more on your bills and Reduce the impact of future energy cost rises
  • Power your home at night time
  • Increase your energy independence
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • How do battery storage systems work?

    Battery storage systems allow you to store surplus green energy from your solar panels when they are producing more electricity than you need at home. Adding battery storage provides flexibility to use your energy later in the day or at peak periods of consumption when you need it most. Storing your surplus green energy also allows you to use at night time, meaning you can power your home and appliances from solar generated energy for longer.

    Adding battery storage systems helps to maximise your renewable energy use, reduces loss of energy back the electricity grid, provides more grid independence and saves you more money.

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  • Is battery storage right for me?

    Solar panels generate electricity throughout the day to be used immediately within your home. If you do not need to use the amount of electricity being provided you can sell the surplus back to the grid and receive money off your bills. The Solar energy you generate is more valuable to use rather than sell, therefore it is likely you will need to purchase back from the grid later in the day reducing overall cost savings and the impact of your solar panels.

    Adding a battery means you can store your green energy and use at peak hours or at night time, meaning you greatly reduce loss of your excess electricity to the grid.

    We understand everybody is different, therefore your solar panel system size and homes electricity use will determine the design of a battery system to provide the maximum output and cost benefit. We can all benefit from battery storage of different sizes to increase grid independence, reduce costs further and make the most of the green electricity you generate.

  • Can I add a battery to my existing Solar panels?

    You can add a battery storage system to an existing Solar panel system to reduce export of generated green energy. To do this we typically add a battery coupled with a new inverter which monitors the amount of energy being generated against the electricity being used at home. If the electricity being generated is greater than being used at home the battery will charge using this surplus energy. The battery will then discharge and power your home when you need it most.

    Adding a battery is a great way to upgrade an existing system to maximise the benefits of your generation.

  • Safe hands

    E-Verve Energy is both MCS and NAPIT accredited so you'll be getting a low-carbon energy solution fitted to the highest standards guaranteed*

    Our work adheres to the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (REC) and our specially selected products come with up to 25 year manufacturer guarantee.

    *2 year electrical installation gurantee

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