EV Charging Information- Everything you Need to Know!

EV Charging Information- Everything you Need to Know!

EV Charging Information : Our Complete Guide

The transition to EV’s from petrol and diesel cars is one of the decade’s biggest logistical challenges. From the development of efficient, affordable technology to access to quick and easy charging points for customers, the electric car market has taken time to bed in and gain popularity, particularly in the UK.

EV Charging Information : The Rise of Home Electric Car Charge Points

The great news is that more efficient batteries have made things much easier recently with most EV’s able to travel hundreds of miles on a single charge and with home EV charge points on the rise there is less need to worry about accessing public EV charging. The majority of electric vehicle drivers now opt for home EV charge points which can be installed affordably at the vast majority of properties with access to off street parking.

EV Charging Information : How do EV Home Charge Points Work?

Electric Vehicle charge points installed at home work by attaching your car battery to a general electricity supply. Home EV charge points provide a slow charge which can be achieved over about 7 or 8 hours usually overnight or at off peak times to optimise savings to the homeowner if used in conjunction with specific EV electricity tariffs. Specialist EV tariffs are now offered by a large proportion of electricity providers such as:

  • Octopus Energy
  • OVO
  • EON
  • British Gas
  • EDF
  • Ecotricity

EV Charging Information : Home EV Charge Point installation

The installation of your home EV charge point should be undertaken by a professionally trained installer who is sufficiently qualified, and manufacturer approved to ensure:

  • safe electrical installation
  • protect your manufacturer warranty

A charge point installed without proof of manufacturer training and approval to install will invalidate any product warranty for homeowners.

E-Verve Energy can provide you with expert EV charging information – have over 10 years of experience in the energy efficiency industry and are widely recognised as one of the UK’s most trusted installers. We hold accreditations with the following professional bodies: Napit, OZEV, MCS, TrustMark, RECC, CPA.

We offer hassle free EV charging fitted within 7 days with a best price guarantee and FREE no obligation quote.

EV Charging Information : Tethered v Untethered Home EV Charge Points

The terminology simply refers to how the charging lead attaches to the home EV charge point either fixed (tethered) or not fixed (untethered)

A tethered charger will be installed with a pre-fitted cable that cannot be removed. It’s fixed to the device, making it an irremovable part of the charger.

An untethered charger has no attached cable by default. In its place, you’ll find a socket. To charge your EV, you’ll need to plug your own cable into this socket.

EV Charging Information : Home EV Charge Point Manufacturers

With the growth in the EV industry in recent years, there has been an increase in the number of companies offering and manufacturing home EV chargers. Our recommended products have been selected for their reliability, compliance and smart functionality such as load management protecting your properties main fuse from overload and solar panel interaction and include offerings from the following major manufacturers:

  • Tesla
  • Podpoint
  • Hypervolt
  • Myenergi
  • WaEV
  • Andersen
  • Simpson & Partners
  • Ohme

E-Verve Energy are fully independent EV charge point experts and have used our vast industry knowledge and experience to specially select the best Home EV Charge Point offerings for our customers. View our selection of EV home charge points on our dedicated EV Home Charging Page and get your instant quote today!

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