DIY Home EV Charging- Can I fit my own EV Charge Point?

DIY Home EV Charging- Can I fit my own EV Charge Point?

DIY Home EV Charging- Can I fit my own Charge Point?

The installation of your home EV charge point should be undertaken by a professionally trained installer who is sufficiently qualified, and manufacturer approved to ensure safe electrical installation and to protect your manufacturer warranty.

A charge point installed without proof of manufacturer training and approval to install will invalidate any product warranty for homeowners.

So in short if you are considering DIY Home EV charging the advice would be re-consider. It’s strongly recommended that unless you are a qualified and experienced professional you should not install an EV charger as there are rules and regulations that need to be followed to ensure a compliant, safe installation.

EV Home Charger Installation

To ensure the safe and complaint installation of your EV charge point you should engage a qualified electrician who has completed a training course for installing EV charger equipment and is registered with a competent person scheme such as NAPIT.

The installer should also be approved by OZEV (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles) and have prior experience installing EV charging infrastructure this will ensure that the EV charger installation is completed safely and to a high standard

DIY Home EV Charging Can Prove Costly

Fitting your own EV charge point not only runs the risk of damaging the charging unit but also causing more widespread damage such as circuit shorting and damage to your homes incoming electricity supply.

The cost of rectifying an incorrectly installed charge point will likely cost more than a standard initial installation cost due to the complexities the installer may encounter with the re-fit.

You also have the additional risk of paying twice for your EV Charge point if you cause damage during a DIY installation.

Warranty Issues

The majority of manufacturers provide a three- year warranty on their EV charge point products providing they are professionally installed by an EV charging specialist.

However, without proof of professional installation your manufacturer will not honour your warranty meaning you will not be entitled to repairs or replacement should you encounter any hardware issues.

Safety Issues

Dealing with an electrical installation can be complex and dangerous and deciding to undertake a DIY EV charge point installation runs a high risk of causing serious harm and even death via electrical shocks and electrical fires.

Engaging a professional EV charge point specialist removes the liability and risk from yourself and provides peace of mind that your home electrics are safe and compliant.

Compliance Issues

As a homeowner or landlord you have a legal obligation to ensure that all work carried out in a home complies with Part P of the Building Regulations.

Choosing to install your own home EV charge point could lead to encountering fines and penalties as well as committing a criminal offence by breaching Building Regulations.

Having your home EV charge point fitted professionally removes these risks and ensures all regulations such as notifying your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) of an EV charger installation are followed.

How Can E-Verve Energy Help?

We are fully independent EV charge point experts and have used our vast industry knowledge and experience to specially select the best EV offerings for our customers. Our recommended EV charge points have been selected for their reliability, compliance and smart functionality such as load management protecting your properties main fuse from overload and solar panel interaction.

Why Chose E-Verve Energy?

E-Verve Energy have over 10 years of experience in the energy efficiency industry and are widely recognised as one of the UK’s most trusted installers. We are fully OZEV and MCS accredited, TrustMark approved and proud members of both RECC and CPA (consumer protection organisations that regulates and guarantees that all our work and customer service is carried out to the highest standard). This means that all projects are fully protected and completed by our accredited tradesmen. To find out more about how E-Verve Energy can help you with your home charging needs visit our dedicated EV Home Charging Page to view our recommended products and get your instant quote!

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