St. Helens School Children are charging to a greener, cleaner future

E-Verve Energy has teamed up with St. Helens Chamber to raise awareness of electric vehicles, air pollution and green energy careers via the Chamber’s Learning to Work Programme.

The programme delivered by Team E-Verve x St.Helens Chamber has been developed in line with national guidance for Career’s Educations for Primary School Children to highlight employment opportunities and raise aspirations and awareness of career paths within emerging sectors.

Team E-Verve have developed a session for the Learning to Work Programme via its Charity Trust Electric Futures. The Electric Futures session is designed to explore key growth employment sectors, including an overview of fossil fuels and how we can make better choices for the future to look after our health and our planet.

St Julie Catholic Primary School have recently taken part in the Learning to Work Programme and commented: “All of the sessions have been engaging and extremely beneficial for the children……each session has provided the children with practical ideas and advice to help them in the future- as well as being great fun!”

Read the full article in St. Helens Chambers August issue of ‘Comment’

e-verve energy electric futures fun learning on green energy and eco issues and electric vehicles for kids
To find out how your school can benefit from the sessions delivered by team E-Verve x St.Helens Chamber in the 2021-2022 academic term get in touch with the Chamber’s Education Team: [email protected]

E-Verve Energy is based in St. Helens, Merseyside and provides electric vehicle charging solutions across the North West, Wales, and South West regions. With over 20 years’ experience in the electrical industry were here to help you: take charge of your electric journey!

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