Solar & 5.8kW Battery Storage Solution

Longi HI-Mo Panels 400W

  • Advance module technology delivering superior efficiency
  • Excellent outdoor power generation performance
  • High module quality ensures long-term reliability
  • 12-year material warranty
  • 25-year warranty for extra linear power output

Solax PV Hybrid Inverter

  • Charge your battery using surplus Solar energy
  • Lower start voltages for longer daytime generation
  • Optimum power tracking to maximise your generation
  • Remote monitoring to track your homes energy use
  • Built-in EPS (Emergency Power Supply) option (*additional cost*)

SolaX Triple Power 5.8kW Battery

  • Store solar electricity for use later in day
  • 5.1kW usable capacity
  • Floor or wall mounting
  • Add battery units totalling upto 23kWh of storage
  • Reliable – charge & discharge over 6000 times
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