Supporting Local Authorities to provide EV Charging Infrastructure (EVCI)

On-street Residential Charging (EVCI) Scheme grants up to 75% of gross cost. Solutions from concept to installation and maintenance


If your Local Authority is looking to install On-street Charging (EVCI) and promote the use of electric vehicles, we can help you to optimise government grant funding under the On-Street Residential Charging Scheme to achieve your objectives.

On-street Charging (EVCI) for Local Authorities

E-Verve has the capability to support Local Authorities to install electric vehicle charging infrastructure in strategic locations in towns and cities.

If your planning to promote the uptake of low or zero emission vehicles to reduce carbon tonnage in your region we can provide a full range of services from feasibility and design through to delivery and maintenance of On-street Charging (EVCI)

Our business ethos is to provide a practical, economical and quality service to support Local Authority initiatives and future planning.

Your specification and requirements will provide the basis for the EV charger model selection, with various charging speeds available including rapid EV chargers for high volume communal areas or car parks.

We have the competence to deliver your requirements in compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. All our products and EV chargers are approved for use in the UK meeting the requirements of the Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations and all other applicable standards for On-Street Charging (EVCI)


Our solutions will be developed to maximise use and business opportunity for the client.


Identify the need and develop specification


Complete Installation


Monitor output and measure efficiencies


Revise your business strategy for future years

On-street Charging (EVCI) advantages at a glance

Provide Infrastructure, Demonstrate Value for Money and more...

Provide EV charging Infrastructure

Develop electric vehicle charging strategies and deliver infrastructure making electric vehicle charging stations accessible to residents, businesses, investors and visitors.

Demonstrate Value for Money

Assist to optimise OLEV grant funding initiatives whilst providing practical, deliverable EV charging solutions.

Provide assurance

We can help you to provide assurance that electric vehicle drivers in your authority will be able to access electric vehicle charging stations to recharge their vehicles quickly and conveniently.

Deploy Electric Fleet Vehicles

Helping Local Authorities to reduce their own business carbon emissions by providing EV charging infrastructure for EV fleet conversions.

Demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility

Making provision for electrical vehicle charging part of your local strategies shows your commitment to sustainability and carbon reduction enhancing your corporate social responsibility.


Make a significant contribution to air quality in your area through sustainable transport and reduced emissions.