OLEV Grant Scheme Changes April 2020

Electric vehicle homecharge (EVHS) workplace charging (WCS) and on-street residential chargepoint (ORCS) schemes have all been confirmed for another year.

In April 2020 the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) issued the following OLEV grant scheme changes on offer for Electric vehicles. The amended rates will apply to installations on or after 1 April 2020 for Home Charging Scheme Grants (EVHS) and will apply to voucher applications submitted on or after 1 April 2020 for Workplace Charging Scheme Grants (WCS)

Changes to the Home Charging Scheme Grant

The Home Charging Scheme grant or EVHS has reduced from £500 to £350 contribution towards the purchase and installation cost of EV home charge points. E-verve offers easy access to Home Charging Scheme grants and will support customers through the process and the completion of grant paperwork. Take our simple 4- step grant eligibility check to see if you could benefit from the Home Charging Grant click here

Changes to the Workplace Charging Scheme Grants

The Workplace Charging scheme Grants (WCS) now provide £350 per EV chargepoint installed up to a max of 40 chargepoints or £14K in total. The scheme previously provided £500 contribution per chargepoint up to a maximum of 20 chargepoints or £10k. E-verve can support businesses through the grant application and voucher code system. Take our simple 4- step grant eligibility check to see if you could benefit from the Workplace Charging scheme click here

Contribution towards the purchase of Electric Vehicles

If you are looking to purchase a new electric vehicle you can still benefit from a £3.5k contribution towards the cost of an electric car for personal use. For businesses looking to purchase electric vehicles for work purposes, a contribution of up to £8k for the acquisition of electric vans is available.

We have published full details of the OLEV Grant Scheme changes on our Website read more