EV Green Number Plates get the Green light!

It was announced by the Department for Transport in June that  green number plates were to be introduced for all electric vehicles. This is to be coupled with multi-million pound investment for electric vehicle research to help accelerate the UK’s Zero-emission status.

EV green number plates are to be introduced in the UK from Autumn 2020 for all electric vehicles. The plates will make it easier for vehicles to be identified as zero emission. This will help to administer incentives such as cheaper parking and cost-free entry into zeroemission zones.

The new EV green number plates will be indentified by a green strip on the left hand side of both the front and rear registration plates.

To further assist the green recovery the government plans to make available an additional £12 million funding. This will be targeted to assist new research into the zero- emission market. The funding is aimed towards developing greener vehicles and helping to improve charging technology.

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) will be responsible for discharging the funding which will be divided as follows:

£10 milion funding for a ‘new zero-emissions vehicle innovation competition’. Applicants will be invited to bid for project funding under this initiative

£2 million funding to UK small and medium size businesses. The aim of which is to support research into zero-emission vehicle areas such as battery technology.

It is hoped that the funding will assist businesses to drive local economic growth and assist the green recovery through research and development projects. It is anticipated that 6,000 plus skilled jobs will be created by the funding in areas including both zero-emission vehicles and charging infrastructure.

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