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The electric vehicle market is booming with sales of electric cars increasing 73% in 2018 making it a record breaking year! The EV market is growing rapidly and requires the EV charging infrastructure to support it. With more electric vehicles being purchased for personal use and business use, our team of EV experts will be on hand to support the EVolution providing EV home chargers and EV charging infrastructure (EVCI) across the North West, North Wales and Cumbria.

E-Verve Energy are fully Government and Manufacturer accredited and work in partnership with major UK and European manufacturers including PodPoint, Wallbox, EO Charging and Project EV to provide top quality charging products. We are accredited by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to access grant funding on customers behalfs for both home and workplace charging grants. See our homepage for full details and to eligibility checks or get in touch with the team online.

Whilst the growth in the EV market has seen both sales and knowledge of electric vehicles at an all time high, we have found some interesting facts you still may not know about Electric Vehicles- enjoy:

ev facts electric vehicle facts

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