Electric Car Charging
Holiday Parks, Lesiure & Tourism

Can EV's charge at your destination?
Position yourself at the forefront of the Leisure and Tourism Market


EV Charging: Leisure and Tourism Industry

Providing electric car charging for parks and destinations


Why does your destination need Electric Vehicle Charging facilities?

If charging infrastructure is not in place at your destination you could be isolating a rapidly growing market of potential customers. By providing electric car charging for parks and destinations you are effectively:

  • Ensuring your destination is catering for all your customers
  • Positioning your destination at the forefront of the market.
  • Ensuring your destination keeps pace with innovative technology
  • Future proofing your destinations facilities
  • Securing the confidence of EV drivers in the leisure and tourism industry, achieving loyalty and future custom.
  • Promoting your destinations corporate social responsibility and commitment to carbon reduction. Demonstrating your destinations green ethos attracting the environmentally conscious customers.

EV Charging: advantages to the Leisure and Tourism Industry at a glance

What are the benefits of electric car charging for parks & destinations?

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Optimise existing Government Grant initiatives

The Governments Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) are currently offering financial incentives for businesses to provide electric vehicle charging for both employees and customers. All inquires will be assessed for eligibility as standard.

Provide future income streams

The charging infrastructure we provide allows you to set the amount you charge for the use of your facilities allowing you to set your own profit margins.

Increase the visibility of your destination

Become a viable option for EV drivers and a go-to destination for the growing EV market. By increasing the visibility of your destination on sites such as ZapMap you will achieve an increase in EV customers and therefore an increase in revenue.

Significant Savings: Fleet Conversions

  • Purchase grants of £3.5k for electric cars and up to £8k for electric vans for works purposes- fully tax deductible!
  • Reduction in fleet maintenance and operating costs
  • Exemption from Vehicle Excise Duty (VED)
  • Savings to Capital allowances
  • Savings to fuel allowances

Champion innovation and new technology

Ensure you are seen as a forward- thinking destination by providing facilities for the latest automotive technology.

Demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility

Providing electric car charging at your destination demonstrates your commitment to sustainable transport systems and will enhance your CSR Corporate Social Responsibility credentials. We can help your destination make a positive impact on sustainability and carbon reduction commitment.

Is your destination ready for the EV Revolution?

Electric Vehicle drivers use tools such as ZapMap to plan days out and holidays to destinations where their vehicle can re-charge.

If you do not provide charging facilities it will not be possible for electric vehicle drivers to visit your destination.

By installing electric car charging for parks and your destination, you will gain visibility on ZapMap and will undoubtedly attract EV visitors that may not have considered your destination previously as EV drivers go where they can charge!


Lead the Scene, Go Green!

We can help you to get connected to the Evolution and ensure your facilities cater for the rapidly growing electric vehicle market. There may also be grant opportunities available via the Office for Low Emission Vehicles workplace charging grant scheme. Contact us on 0800 083 0413 for a free no obligation quote to find out if you are eligible.

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