Air Pollution- the single biggest threat to Human life!

Research conducted into particulate pollution (produced by the burning of fossil fuels by vehicles and industry), found that air pollution cuts the average lifespan of people around the globe by 1.8 years. Making it the main threat to human health!

The impact of toxic air is now greater than that of cigarette smoking or HIV/Aids.

In parts of the most-affected nations such as India and China, the study found that lifespans were being cut short by an average of six years.

The director of the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (Michael Greenstone) who led the work, said: “While people can stop smoking and take steps to protect themselves from diseases, there is little they can individually do to protect themselves from the air they breathe.”

The study focused on the reduction of lifespans due to long-term exposure to particulates and produced a measurement called the ‘air quality life index’ (AQLI). A summary extract of the studies results and the effects of air pollution on life expectancy in comparison to other factors can be found below:

Air pollution index chart by E-Verve Energy installers of EV chargers and EV home chargers

As the global approach to carbon reduction commitment and corporate social responsibility increases, we should hopefully see an impact on particle pollution. Coupled with the growth of the ev market, the potential to reduce toxic air and create a greener, cleaner, more economical future is real.

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